Sunday, March 12, 2017

Event | Running To A new Challenge At Coway Run 2017


I have always love running and walking. One of my favourite cardio exercise is running. I have been neglecting exercise as of late but after this event I think I need to start exercising again, and running a lot at that.

Coway is one of the best brand of water specialist. Their most famous product is the water purifier. And other products are air purifier, juicer, water softener, bidet and an outdoor filter system.

This year, Coway is making it's first run debut at Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown on 7th May 2017. Mr Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway highlighted that Coway Run aims to be a medium for Malaysians to step out from their comfort zones and be courageous to take that first step to a better, healthier life.

Mr Kyle Choi Ki-Ryong (right), Managing Director of COWAY (M) Sdn Bhd. together with Mr Ryan Jung Tae Seung, Head of Marketing Division of COWAY (M) Sdn. Bhd officiating the launch of the first COWAY RUN 2017

Mr Ryan Jung Tae Seung (right), Head of Marketing Division of COWAY (M) Sdn. Bhd saying a few words at the launch of the first COWAY RUN 2017, with Mr Kyle Choi Ki-Ryong (left), Managing Director of COWAY (M) Sdn Bhd. looking on.

“This run is not about who comes in first place, it is about summoning that courage to face your fears with a willingness to make a difference, an improvement in your life that will build you to be stronger and confident in tackling new adversities,” said Mr Kyle at the press conference recently.

Consisting of a 5KM and 10KM run around the Starling mall area with 4 categories of men and female veteran, men and women open (for ages 18 and above), participants can expect to spot famous Malaysian fitness model Jordan Yeoh and former Miss Universe Malaysia Carey Ng running alongside other runners to cheer and motivate them at every step of the way.

Coway believes that with the adoption of a healthier lifestyle and through drinking Coway’s better water, individuals would be able to reduce healthcare-related costs, improve productivity in their daily lives and achieve overall better health and a robust organ system, therefore making their lives better and happier.
Official sponsors of the Coway Run include the Starling mall and 100Plus. Interested participants are welcome to register themselves at

To find out more information of Coway Run 2017, log on to 

and more details on Coway Run event page

Men/ Women Open & Men/ Women Veteran

Route & Price:
5 KM - RM40; 10 KM - RM50

1st Prize - RM1000
2nd Prize - RM800
3rd Prize - RM500
4th Prize - RM150
5th Prize - RM150
Hope to see you guys and girls there cos I will be joining the run too!

Lets go for the run! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Event | International Women's Day Celebration With Stellavingze


On 8th March 2017 last Wednesday, I was invited to an international Women's Day celebration organised by Stellavingze at Bangsar South. 

The night was filled with some great inputs from great women's leaders and role models. 

Media and bloggers
With blogger friends . Far left, Atie from, Kak Su from, Kak Hanim from and me.

Puteri Umno from Lembah Pantai

The forum was filled with many great inputs. I was lucky to be able to attend the event which to celebrates us women. Listening to the talk, I gained lots of knowledge and felt that this was really empowering us women.

Below are some quotes from the panels that day.

Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha binti Ismail, Pengerusi Yayasan Suara Wanita (YASNITA)
- Women are unique as we can become great role model. Tan Sri mentions that she had helped her children achieve their ambition and supported them until they achieve their dreams.
- Nowadays, women are equipped with education and power to change the world. An educated women is capable of being an influencer and displays great and good behaviour.

Ms Wee Siew Ling, Pengarah Urusan Stellavingze International

- Ms Wee Siew Ling who acts as the Pengarah Urusan Stellavingze International told us that it is not impossible for women to do everything if we know how to manage our time. She quoted Datuk Stella Chin Pengasas Stellavingze Internasional’s formula “ Women’s happiness is = (+) love , (-) hate/anger, (x) blessings, (÷) gossips “ . To sum, women’s happiness are based on more love minus the hate, times all the blessings, and divided with gossip.

- To end her speech, she said that women are like water, that can adapt to many situations, but to never challenge us as a calm sea can also turns to a tsunami.

Datin Noor Faezah Binti Mohd Ashref, Naib Presiden Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang

- She believes that women can be great leaders by leading with passion and love which will eventually increased their employees and follower’s motivation.

- Commenting on the Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang activities, she said that people who are needy are hard to find therefore it is our responsibilities to seek for them via oraganization and volunteers to ensure Malaysia’s poverty level maintains low.

Datin Azizan Bt Hj Shariff, Pengerusi Majlis Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga, Parlimen Lembah Pantai

- Women who left their career to be a housewife must have more skills and good in business so as to add each family side incomes. For career women, she adviced that they should organize potluck or and events to srengthen the bond between friends and family.

-  She also made a point that we women need s to always be patience, have strong deen and take care of our health


Cake cutting time!

The event then proceed to a cake cutting ceremony and lucky draw.

Photographed here are us women with our Stellavingze photo frame
And then there were lucky draws, lots of it that I lost count. Kind of jealous that I didn't win any though. Hihi. Look at all the prizes below. There are more that I didn't get to photographed.

Lucky draw winners
Thank you so much to Ivy and Diana to cos without them I won't be able to attend this celebration. And I don't think I will be much celebrated anyway. Hahah. 

More information on Stellavingze Smart Star and Stellavingze Guiding Star below.

Pixajoy Photobook App x MOLPay


How many of you have printed out all those digital pictures that you stored in your phone or pc? If somehow your phone was stolen or your pc broke, do you have a backup copy? The safe way to keep all the photos is to backup at cloud storage or print it out.

Based on the fear of losing all the photos forever, I decided to print out the photos on photobook using Pixajoy service. Pixajoy offers wide range of photo printing via desktop or mobile app. Here's a link to download the Android version of Pixajoy mobile application. Pixajoy app is only available in Google Playstore

Pixajoy Android Application ( Google store)

The mobile app is very user friendly and great first user experience. Everyone can make moments without any hassle. Not to worry about making purchase via the app as the payment method is powered by MOLPay.

After launching the app you will see this first. Select Create New to create new project. Then select the product that you want to create. Here I will select the Mini Softcover Photobook. There are many templates available for you to choose. Just select any of your choice or select a blank page template to create a custom one. Select template, and select Start Project. Then select photos! Yayyy! After you have done choosing photos and adjusting them into the template, select the green shopping menu as below.

Next is select the cover of your choice. Select Next and you will be prompted to insert details for shipping.

Here are the shipping options you can choose from. I just choose the standard Skynet delivery.

Afterwards, the details for your order will be displayed here. Select Next to proceed to payment page.

Select payment method. Here I select Maybank2U for payment method.

You will be redirected to the payment page handled by MOLPay here with all your information provided. Here's a quick and easy steps to make payment directly from the app on your phone.

This is secure online payment system. Proceed with payment to be redirected to Maybank2U payment channel. MOLPay have made payments or purchases via app on our phone very easy and reliable. Gone are the days where making payments using mobile phones are considered unsafe and unreliable.

One click and you will be redirected to Maybank login page. Login to Maybank2U and complete all the payment steps. Simple huh? I can totally assure you that this a secure payment gateway.

After you have done the payment you will be redirected to a new page and the project you made will be uploaded to Pixajoy server. Yayyyy you have done ordering your photobook via Pixajoy mobile app! Even the payment method is very simple. Of course it is easy as it was powered by MOLPay!

Simple right? Hassle free too! I know you can tell that the payment procedure is a breeze! If it is powered by MOLPay, you can be sure that it is easy and hassle free. Secure too! Any app that uses MOLPay as the payment gateway is so far the most secure and simple I have experienced.

So that's it! Enjoy your photobook or any product of your choice when it arrives later. I sure can't wait mine! Ooh ooh, Here is something for my lovely readers!

  • Discount code - SOPHOTOBOOK
  • Enjoy photobook at RM4.90 instead of RM69
  • This discount code offer excluding shipping fee
  • Voucher Code valid till 30 September 2017.
  • Only applicable for Mini Softcover 6" x 6" Photo Book, 36 Pages.
  • Shipping fee: RM8 to West Malaysia, RM10 to East Malaysia, RM24 to Singapore (subject to 6% GST).
  • Only one (1) photo book purchase per account.

Enjoy! Can't wait to see yours!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

BR1M application failed


This is the first time I applied. I figured I can use the money for my kid's school fees. But I failed.

The reasons that I failed are:
1. Income more than RM2000. I believe the income limit for combined parent is RM4000? I even applied for single parents.

2. Id for kids/spouse doesn't passed the JPN filter. I guess I need to go to LHDN to confirm my kids ID's with them?

3. Divorced date need confirmation. This too I need to go to LHDN to confirm with.

Oh well, not their fault anyway, the fault is mine. Guess I will be going to LHDN next month. Even if it is little, it can help me a bit right? The BR1M is from our loving PM after all. Hahahah.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I am looking for job


On 8th February this year, the company I worked with announced that they will need to let go some staffs due to the condition of the company that they are not making much profit and therefore can't pay salaries to the employees. But it is actually almost 30 staffs. And I am one of those that need to resign. So by the end of this month, I am not with the company anymore. I have been with them since 2012, so it quite sad that I need to leave the company. Not to mention that I don't have source of income anymore to support my 2 kids.

It will be hard for me, cos I am now a single mother. Income from blogging is sometimes ok, but it is not very reliable, cos I am just a small time blogger and I sometimes got good job that pays on time, and sometimes, only products to be reviewed and kept but no payment.

So, please inform me of any job openings for the position Graphic Designer / UI Designer / Front End Developer yeah? I am looking for job in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor / Bentong. I can start working immediately. Just drop me a mail or a call yeah? Info on how to contact me below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review | GT Mobile GT-888 smart phone hands on review


My unboxing video here.

This is a hands on review of GT-888. During the launching of GT Group, we are introduced to the new mobile phone in town, the GT Mobile GT-888. We are lucky enough to able to experienced the phone first hand. I used this phone as my main phone for 2 weeks and below is my humble review.


Model: GT-888
Dimensions: 158.9*77.5*8.6mm
CPU: MT6735P 4*Cortex-A53 1GHz
GPU: ARM Malit720-MP1 600MHz
RAM: 1GB / 2GB
Storage: 16GB 
Display: 5.5”720*1280 pixels
Battery: 2550mAh
OS: Android 5.1
Camera: Rear-8.0MP,Front-5.0MP
SIM card: Dual SIM (SIM+MicroSIM)
WI-FI: 802.11a/b/g/n
USB: Micro 5pin
Bluetooth: 4.0
Positioning: GPS A-GPS


 Bottom speaker

Left side buttons - power button and volume button

Above view, head phone jack and mini usb port

Back view, rear camera lens and flash. GT Mobile logo and designed in Singapore decals.

The design of GT-888 is beautiful enough. Almost like an iPhone except for the huge rear camera lens. The weight is light enough to hold for a long period of time and the display is satisfying at 5.5 inch. Too big for me to hold with just one hand so I used to hold the phone with two hands instead. 

The phone body feels plasticky but the grip was good enough to hold and not easily scratched. The phone features a dual sim slot (sim and micro sim). 


Using android Lollipop 5.1, I would say this phone was a bit behind the current operating system. Most new phones are already equipped with android Marshmallow and android Nougat. On the first time turning the phone, the phone was quite lagging and slow. I proceed on downloading the phone updates which leads to another and another updates. I actually forgot to count but I think it was around 3 updates. The phone was not lagging anymore and the speed was good for a Mediatek chipset. 

Equipped with Mediatek 6735, it has 4 cores which is more efficient than 2 cores, but still, it only has 2 GB RAM. The speed while alternating between apps was good enough. Launching any app is fast too without any delay. I installed the Pokemon Go app on this phone and it was light enough for the phone compared to my Xiaomi which sometimes lagged while alternating app.

The internal storage is 16GB but expandable via external memory card slot.

There is not much bloat ware but there are several products under GT Group that a re already pre installed like the GT Dollar app and the GT Watch. The GT Dollar app is a great app where you can shop and save more money while shopping. Review on the app later.


GT-880 only have a 2550 mAH battery but it has a fast charging feature which what I liked the most of GT-888. In just 1 hour, it will be fully charged. This is really nice as at my house, my siblings are always fighting for charging port, and those phone that took too long to charged will always be charged half way to give way to other phones.


What features that you look for the most when buying a smart phone? Me, I always look for the camera capabilities first. GT-888 features a 8.0 MP rear camera and 5.0 MP front camera. The default camera app itself is nice as it have some extra modes such as Live Photo mode, Motion Track mode, Face Beauty mode, panorama mode and multi angle view image capture. Playing with all the camera modes was fun.

Check out the photo quality below.

I found the quality of the camera not satisfying. The focus is all over the place. It does captures close to the real color. But the fact the all the pictures seem to have beauty mode on them left me hating the phone for that. I just don't like the default camera app. I have tweaked around all the settings but can't seem to get the best setting for the camera. I recommend that GT-888 users to install Open Camera app on the phone. It captures more details and performs better even with selfie/front camera mode.

The last picture of my selfie is using the default camera app front camera with Beautify mode. I don't like the Beautify mode, it applies too much blur on skin that it effects my eyebrows and made my face looks to smooth, even the eyebrows? That's not good. What's great about the front cam is that is have flash on the side. So, taking selfies in low light is possible. For those who loves to see their skin all flawless, I guess you will like this phone. 


PROS - Fast charging, great for android beginners.

CONS - Low photo quality, a bit pricey.

Thanks GT Group for a chance for me to use this phone as one of the first Malaysians to use this Singapore made phone. I am sure with future updates, the phone will perform much better. For now, it is good enough.